Sha Na Na at the 40th Anniversary of "Grease" concert at the Hollywood Bowl

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Dave Grohl ‘Greases’ Up The Crowd At Hollywood Bowl Sing-A-Long
July 16, 2013 from

At famed Los Angeles venue the Hollywood Bowl, the Grease Sing-A-Long has become an annual tradition, with fans packing the amphitheater to belt out the hit songs from the enduring 1978 movie musical starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.

This apparently now involves Dave Grohl.

To mark the film’s 35th anniversary for the 2013 event (July 13), the Hollywood Bowl secured actress Didi Conn (she played “Frenchie” in the original movie) and the band Sha Na Na, who were cast as the band Johnny Casino and the Gamblers in Grease and are featured on six songs from the soundtrack.

During Sha Na Na’s warm-up set, the Foo Fighters frontman, resplendent in a shiny red blazer, joined the band on drums during a cover of Little Richards’ 1957 Grease-era hit, “Lucille.

”In fan-shot video from the moment, Grohl can be seen rocking out with

the band, with singer John “Jocko” Marcellino shouting-out Grohl’s jacket at the song’s conclusion.

There is a family connection between the two, with BFM Digital (a company that represents Sha Na Na) confirming to that Marcellino is the uncle of Grohl’s wife, Jordyn Blum, making the longtime Sha Na Na member Grohl’s uncle-in-law. (Marcellino has been in the band since 1969, and is known for being the youngest person to play at the Woodstock festival during the same year at the tender age of 18).

Sha Na Na recently released a new album called Sha Na Na Greaser High School Hop. On the other end of the spectrum, Grohl just finished a full-blown promotion of his documentary Sound City and says that despite last year’s hiatus announcement, the Foo Fighters are ready to record again.

                       –Nadia Noir/KROQ, with additional reporting by Scott T. Sterling/


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