Photo of Sha Na Na 2011
photo by General Bob


In spring of 2019 SNN will debut their 50th anniversary show with songs and stories from five decades of rock ‘n’ rolling:
• Beginnings at Columbia University: Ivy League greasers
• Appearance at WOODSTOCK
• The SNN TV Series: 97 episodes
• Guest stars in the movie GREASE
• Still Rockin Around the Clock


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11 of the Woodstock Performers Reunited on June 3, 2016

As part of the Columbia University Alumni weekend celebration, SHA NA NA returned for a performance on campus forty –seven years after their debut there in 1969.
Sha Na Na, a spin-off of the Columbia Kingsmen singing group, went on to worldwide acclaim performing at the original WOODSTOCK FESTIVAL, in the mega hit film: GREASE, and their own TV series: THE SHA NA NA SHOW.
On June 3rd 2016, the current show brings the Ivy League doo-woppers back to where .

Pics and Videos from Hollywood Bowl Singalong

Sha Na Na Greaser High School Hop CD cover

Their latest release, "Sha Na Na Greaser High School Hop," features 25 signature songs perfect for an instant high school hop dance party.

"The Bop," "The Twist," "The Stroll," "The Hand Jive," "The Monkey," "The Jerk," "The Cha Cha" and even "The Hokey Pokey" are amongst the great dances of the ‘50s and ‘60s celebrated by Sha Na Na in this collection. Also included are songs they sang in Grease ("Sandy", "Rock & Roll is Here to Stay"), The Sha Na Na TV Show ("Rock & Roll Hall of Fame," "You Can’t Sit Down") and at Woodstock ("At The Hop").

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Sha Na Na, as fellow college students at Columbia University in New York in 1969 combined their love for the classics of Rock & Roll with a dynamic theatrical approach. The fifties music legends appeared just before Jimi Hendrix 44 years ago this summer at The Woodstock Festival in their eighth professional gig, (of course the check bounced). They had four seasons of their own worldwide television series, “The Sha Na Na Show”, and are now set to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the movie Grease in which they co-starred along with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.